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1. A Visit to a Historical Place
     Historical heritage is the real asset of a country. The living nations always protect their historical traditions. They feel proud of these works of genius. Pakistani culture is rich in every respect. I love the whole Pakistani culture. The things that attract me the most in this respect are the historical buildings in Pakistan. Last summer, my friends and I made a programme to visit the historical places of Lahore. We started from Multan and reached Lahore in the twilight of evening. We spent the night in a hotel. 
     The next day, we were much excited. We decided to visit the tomb of Jehangir. We heried a taxi and reached the tomb. The four minarets of the tomb were presenting a very majestic vies. The tomb was surrounded by a wall. Its entrace was very beautiful. There was a park inside the wall. The park was full of blooming flowers. They were spreading their fragrance all around. It was a very charming sight. There were some cool shady trees. Many birds were sitting in the twigs of these tress. They were chirping.
     In front of the tomb, there was a beautiful fountain. It was sprinkling its light shower, The drizzling of drops produced a charming music. The place in the words of S.T. Coleridge was "A savage place ----- holy and enchanted." 
     Soon after, we entered the edifice that contains the grave of the emperor. Here we pondered over the mystery of the death for sometime. The room was decorated with colourful designs. We offered "Feteha" and prayed to God to bless the emperor with eternal blessings. The building itself was a wonderful piece of Muslim architecture.
     We came up to the terrace and had a view of the city of Lahore. It was a beautiful sight. The cool breeze and deep blue sky had a magical effect ou us. we came down and sat under a tree to take some rest. We ate some eatables and drank cold drinks. In the evening we returned to our hotel. Our minds were full of solemn thoughts. We were pondering over the mystery of death and eternity of nature. We agreed with Shakespeare:
"In Nature's infinite book of secrecy
A little I can read."

2. A Cricket Match
   Nobody can deny the importance of sports and games in life. They play a vital role in building our body and muscles and nerves. Besides this, games teach us endurance and tolerance. 
     Matches are the events full of enthusiasm, zeast and gusto. A match is the most exciting activity. Some matches are quite thrilling, sensational and full of suspense. Such matches are really enjoyable and people are amazed to watch them. 
     I also got a chance to see such a match just last Sunday. It was the final match of a cricket tournament. It was played between our College Senior Team and Eleven Stars Cricket Club. It was played on a pleasant morning. The stadium was jam-packed with spectators. The umpires with the two captians came into the ground. First of all, the two captains tossed. It was won by the captain of Eleven Stars Cricket Club. They decided to bat first. 
      The openers entered the ground with dignity. They came running towards the pitch circling their bats around. The fieldling team also came up running to take their positions in the field. The two official scorers took their seats. The commentary on the match, both in English and Urdu, was exciting and enjoyable. The sky was overcast a bit at the start of the match, but soon afterwards, its was a sunny day. 
     At the beginning, the match was a bit slow in tempo. It was a 25 overs match. In the first ten over, the batting team could score only 40 runs for the loss of four wickets. In the next 10 overs, they further lost thress wickets but the score was then one hundred and one. Last fiver overs were the most exciting, for they scored 57 more runs in them. The total reached 158 runs in 25 overs for the loss of nine wickets. 
     After the first innings, there was a short break of 30 minutes. During it, the vendors appeared with various eatables. The spectators began chatting, eating and drinking and cold drinks.
     Soon the match resumed. In the first seven over, our team easily scored seventy runs without losing any wicket. But the next three overs were crucial. We lost four important wickets one after the other. In short, the match was even till the last over in which the batting was to get only nine runs and the bowling side was to take only a wicket to win the match. Every ball created suspense and excitement among the crowd. At hte last ball only two runs were required. The batsman hit a boundary and our team won the match.
     Some excited spectators ran towards the winning team, some started leaving and some kept sitting to see the prize distribution ceremony.