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Choose the best answer.
1. Brookfield was established in the reign of Elizabeth. (conquest, name, period, area)
2. Wetherby restored its fortunes status somewhat. (brought, revived, established, caught)
3. The snobbish people said that they thought they had heard of Broofield. (rich, poor, humble, educated)
4. He remembered the day of his preliminary interview. (introductory, first, successful, long)
5. Chips had a vivid recollection of Wetherby. (picture, record, memory, books) 
6. Give your enthusiasm to Brookfield and Brookfield will give you something in return. (experience, zeal, life, decision)
7. He remembered that first tremendous ordeal of taking prep class. (trial, situation, experience, task)
8. Chips was at the mercy of five hundred unprincipled ruffians. (youngsters, toddlers, barbarians, pioneers)
9. The scowl he assumed to cover his inward nervousness. (position, intimacy, frown, obduracy)
10. Chips knew the inadequacy of his qualification. (advantage, merits, defects, qualities) 
11. Chips slipped and wrenched his ankle. (broke, fractured, sprained, messaged)
12. Chips was rescued by Katherine. (loved, abused, saved, insulted)
13. Chips' sprain put him on Katherine's mercy. (injury, foolishness, personality, old age)
14. Katherine had freckled cheeks. (bright, beautiful, spotted, shinning)
15. In politics, Katherine was radical. (loving, easy, revolutionary, soft)
16. Chips remained conservative in politics. (good, orthodox, non-serious, indifferent)
17. Actually Chips nodded and stumbled on. (flew, walked, fell, stopped)
18. Katherine broadened his views and opinions. (narrowed, limited, widened, distorted)
19. Everything ended without a slightest hitch. (difficulty, case, jerk, objection)
20. Katherine did not like cocksure type of boys. (humble, tall, lazy, confident)
21. Chips was standing in a trance. (half-conscious state, happy, hall, sad mood)
22. Chips nearly answered that he could go to blazes. (hell, shelter, heaven, haven)
23. Chips did not want to receive condolences. (praises, horrors, curses, sympathies)
24. Just as marriage had added something so did bereavement. (happiness, grief, fun, comfort)
25. Chips changed his commodious apartment. (comfortable, small, ugly, large)
26. Chips once thrashed Collingwood. (pushed, rewarded, beat, loved)
27. Mr. Chips remembered many funny anecdotes. (games, poems, essays, tales)
28. Chips remembered Katherine laughing at some howler. (punishment, mistake, admiration, appreciation)
29. Chips remembered the dizzy happiness. (lay, certain, puzzled, great)
30. It was queer that things were so clear in Chips' mind. (sad, funny, strange, interesting)
31. Ralston was pontiful. (docile, insulting, confident, coward)
32. He was efficient, ruthless, ambitious but not very likeable. (careless, merciless, helpless, brainless)
33. Chips' method of teaching was slack. (modern, old, unique, slow)
34. Mr. Chatteris accepted the situation wisely and courteously. (reluctantly, hesitatingly, unwillingly, kindly) 
35. Chips was given an uproarious farewell. (comfortable, quiet, noisy, calm)
36. Mr. Chips' speech was impeded by laughters of the audience. (praised, disliked, liked, interrupted)
37. Mrs. Wickett's house itself was ugly and pretentious. (costly, far away, ordinary, showy)
38. At Mrs. Wickett's, Mr. Chips was leading a pleasant and placid life. (calm, busy, happy, regular)
39. Chips kept up hospitality in his room. (reading, knowledge, reception, showiness)
40. Mr. Chips' voice had still a good deal of sprightliness. (jerkiness, liveliness, hardness, toughness)
41. There was the shrill whine of anti-air craft shells. (danger, destruction, cry, anger)
42. The armies were clenched in deadlock. (occupied, troubled, gripped, dripped)
43. I do sympathize with you. (know, be ashamed, alarm, feel sorry)
44. At fifty he was the doyen of the staff. (junior, respected by, senior member, local)
45. Chips made desultory notes in an exercise book. (disorganized, organized, short, beautiful)
46. It was a damp shinning day. (acrid, foggy, sunny, dry)
47. It was cold and foggy and he dared not go out. (rainy, sunny, misty, windy)
48. The meeting with Linford had exhausted Mr. Chips. (freshened, distorted, tired, ruined)
49. Sleep again if you inclined. (disturbed, tempted, noisy, troubled)
50. The whole pageant of the past swang before him. (story, performance, spectacle, incident)

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