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Choose the best answer. 
1. We must abide ----- the laws of our country. (with, for, on, by)
2. He is addicted ----- gambling. (at, with, for, to)
3. Our college is adjacent ----- the bazaar. (with, in, by, to)
4. I agree ----- you on this issue. (with, to, at, against)
5. He aimed ----- the bear with a gun. (over, of, on, at)
6. My father is angry ----- me. (on, to, with, over)
7. He availed himself ----- the chance. (at, on, of, off)
8. He was not aware ----- the new situation. (from, at, of, to)
9. The leader was banished ----- a foreign country. (off, of, to, with)
10. Father is not blind ----- his son's behaviour. (of, with, to, for)
11. Do not boast ----- your wealth. (about, of, on, for)
12. The thief broke ----- his house yesterday. (in, into, at, with)
13. Cholera has broken ----- in the city. (in, up, away, out)
14. She was brought ----- by her uncle. (of, on, in, up)
15. Sewage is carried ----- pipelines. (from, through, to, in)
16. The thief was charged ----- theft. (for, with, at, through)
17. I congratulated him ----- his success. (at, in, on, of)
18. The class consists ----- fifty students. (with, for, on, of)
19. He deals ----- me kindly. (in, with, to, for)
20. You cannot even dream ----- success. (over, at, of, on)
21. He is eligible ----- this post. (from, for, to, with)
22. Do not be envious ----- others. (of, with, from, for)
23. You should excuse him ----- this. (for, with, from, on)
24. I am fond ----- reading short stories. (in, at, of, off)
25. The principal was furious ----- his mistake. (at, with, of, for)
26. You should go ----- the moral principles. (by, with, for, on)
27. Karim is gifted ----- the power of speech. (from, of, upon, with)
28. He has no hope ----- success. (for, from, of, about)
29. Nature is not hostile ----- man. (with, over, to, on)
30. They always indulge ----- useless pleasures. (on, in, of, with)
31. I inquired ----- his health. (after, about, for, to)
32. Do not be jealous ----- others. (to, for, of, with)
33. The fox jumped ----- the river. (in, into, down, up)
34. You are justified ----- claiming for your rights. (up, after, in, with)
35. God is very kind ----- His creatures. (with, for, to, on)
36. Do not laugh ----- the poor. (on, at, for, away)
37. He was leaning ----- the wall. (after, against, with, to)
38. Learn this poem ----- heart. (to, about, in, by)
39. He longs ----- a car. (to, for, in, upon)
40. Samina was married ----- him. (with, to, on, by)
41.I am popular ----- my students. (in, with, by, of)
42. I prefer milk ----- tea. (for, to, on, over)
43. The Muslims pray ----- God. (before, of, from, to)
44. Prevent him ----- getting involved in politics. (by, from, of, by)
45. Nasima repented ----- her past conduct. (to, for, of, by)
46. He was run ----- by a car. (from, with, after, over)
47. Do not sneer ----- the poor. (by, at, to, on)
48. You have no sympathy ----- the poor. (with, for, on, of)
49. He takes ----- his father. (after, with, on, at)
50. He warned me ----- that person. (against, of, about, from)



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