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3. My Hero in History
     Hero is a man of outstanding character and matchless genius. He must be a man of unique qualities. Though the Muslim History is full of great men, my hero in history is Allama Muhamman Iqbal. I think, he is really a man worthy of the tilte "Hero."
     Allama Muhammad Iqbal, our national poet was born at Sialkot. After completing his primary education, he came to Lahore for learning. At time time the English were the rulers. They did not like the Muslims. They tried their best to keep the Muslims backward and ignorant. Iqbal, who was a great well-wisher of the Muslims, tried to awaken the Muslims from their sleep of ignorance. He wrote a number of poems and verses to make the Muslims realize their negligence. He taught the lesson of 'self-esteem'. He made them realize the achievements of their forefathers. He wrote many letters to Quaid-e-Azam to urge him to work for his nation. 
     In the session of Allahabad in 1930, he suggested the solution to the discontent in India. He showed a sure way of peace and happiness for the people living in India. This speech of Iqbal shows his concern for his nation. He said that the Muslims were different in their religion, beliefs and traditions from the other nations living in the sub-continent. He said that the concept of nationality of the Muslims was quite different from those of other nations of the world. He said that India should be divided into two national states. The territories of the Muslims majority should be made a new Muslim state. 
     Iqbal was a great Muslim poet. The purpose of his poetry was to teach the Muslims what they had forgotten. It was the lesson of their golden traditions and matchless achievements. He wrote his poetry to urge the Muslims to break the chain of slavery. His poetry is permanent source of joy and inspiration for the Muslims. It is full of national feelings and sentiments. 
   The poetry of Iqbal places him high among the stars in the sky of immortal fame. He wrote both in Urdu and Persian. Many references to the Holy Quran can be found in his poetry. Some critics go even to the extent that his poetry is the true explanation of the Holy Quran. It elevates spiritually and morally.
     In this age when the Muslims are being insulted throughout the world, it is necessary that we should get guidance and inpiration from his poetry. If we study his poetry and follow his advice, we would regain our lost status. His poetry is not for one time. It is for everyone and for every age. What a perfect code of ethics and morality! May the Muslims of today study his poetry and get a urge to gain their golden past. Aameen! 

4. Uses of Science
     Science is an objective study of nature and its laws. It is an unending search for truth. It is the most useful quest of man. It has proved a faithful friend of manking. Its great service in the fields of agriculture, industry, medicine and travelling are amazing. It has increased human comfort with its vast range of inventions. It urges man to discover new secrets of the universe. It is an unending source of human struggle. 
     Life is a constant struggle. Man has to toil throughout his life to meet the needs of life. He has to face the odds of life. He has to face dangers in life. It is the struggle for survival. It is science that has helped man to make a safe home for him. Now the service of science is even more wonderful than the wonders of magic. Now there is no need to live in the caves or the underground holes. Man has built high and magnificient buildings. The houses are full of the facilities provided by science. Science has made human life very comfortable and safe. 
     In the past man had to travel on foot. Now travel has become a pleasure for him. He can travel through the world for pleasure's sake only. It is no more difficult and dangerous. Man has got the better of birds in their flight. Man has invented more speedy aeroplanes than sound by which he can cover distances in short time. Trains, buses, cars and taxies all are available to drop us anywhere across the country. Man is not sad at saying good bye to his near ones. He can contact them in seconds on telephone, internet, and by other means of communication. All this is possible because of science. 
    Science has provided us with many means of information, entertainment, amusement and fun. TV, Radio, Dish Antenna, Cinema, DVD and Computer all are the sure means of entertainment. Computer has changed the world into a global village. Man can participate in any activity around the world. The attainment of knowledge in now easier than ever before. 
     Science has performed wonders in the field of medicine. Now even the fatal diseases have been controlled. Wonderful drugs cure man of his diseases. The most important of all is that it has given man a scientific outlook. Man has become rational in his approach. Science has reached its highest point in the field of surgery. 
     In short, science is such a great blessing as has proved useful in every field of life. It is because of science that this era has been declared as an age of light and knowledge. It has broadened out outlook and views. Now we think in a broader sense. 

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