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Answer the following questions. 
1. Why did Chips leave Melbury?
Ans. He left it because he had been ragged there a good deal.
2. When was Brookfield established and rebuilt?
Ans. It was established in the reign of Elizabeth and rebuilt in the reign of George I.
3. What kind of people did Brookfield produce?
Ans. It produced knights, bishops, judges, colonial administratives, businessmen and politicians etc.
4. Who was Wetherby?
Ans. He was the head of Brookfield when Chips joined it.
5. Who was Colley?
Ans. He was the first student punished by Chips at Brookfield.
6. How did Mr. Chips meet Katherine Bridges?
Ans. He met her by an incident on Great Gable in Lake District.
7. Why did Katherine like Chips?
Ans. She liked him because of his gentle behaviour, outdated opinions and honest thoughts.
8. How did Katherine influence Chips after their marriage?
Ans. She made him a new man. His humour, mind, discipline and popularity got improved.
9. When did Katherine and her new born child die?
Ans.They died on 1st April, 1898.
10. Who was Collingwood?
Ans. He was the student punished by Chips for climbing on to the gymnasium roof.
11. What kind of person was Ralston?
Ans. He was a modernist and live-wire of thirty-seven years old.
12. Why did Ralston not like Mr. Chips?
Ans. It was because Mr. Chips' dress and teaching method were old fashioned.
13. Why did Ralston quarrel with Chips?
Ans. He quarreled with Chips because Chips refused to resign from the school.
14. Who was Sir John Rivers?
Ans. He was the chairman of the Governors and old student of Mr. Chips.
15. What kind of speech did Chips make in the farewell party?
Ans. It was a short and humorous speech full of references.
16. What was given to Chips on his retirement?
Ans. He was given a cheque, a writing table and a wall clock.
17. Where did Mr. Chips lodge after his retirement?
Ans. He lodged at Mrs. Wickett's house.
18. Who was Mrs. Wickett?
Ans. She was the owner of the house that Chips lodged after his retirement.
19. How did Chips spend his days after his retirement?
Ans. He spent them in recalling past, entertaining guests and editing Brookfieldian Directory etc.
20. How was Chips' hospitality?
Ans. He entertained his guests with tea, cakes and conversation in a jolly manner.
21. When did Meldrum die and how?
Ans. He died in 1900 due to pneumonia.
22. Who was Chatteris?
Ans. He was the successor of Ralston. He was a modern and sympathetic man of 34.
23. What was the contribution of Brookfield to England?
Ans. It provided professional people in peace, and teachers and students as soldiers in war.
24. How was Mr. Chips an institution at Brookfield?
Ans. His long stay, experience and knowledge of Brookfield history made in an institution in himself.
25. Who was Merivale?
Ans. He was Mr. Chips' doctor and friend.
26. How did Chips spend his money?
Ans. He spent it on his disease, paying rent, entertaining guests and donated the remaining.
27. What was Chips' will?
Ans. His will distributed his money among Mrs. Wickett, mission and scholarship to the school.
28. Who were stink merchants?
Ans. These were the scientists who invented bombs and weapon in their laboratories.
29. Who was the last visitor of Mr. Chips?
Ans. He was a small boy named Linford.
30. When and how did Chips die?
Ans. He died in November 1933 due to Bronchitis.

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