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Choose the best answer.
1. Each star makes its voyage in complete loneliness. (visit, appearance, journey, movement)
2. We find the universe frightening because of its immense distances. (small, huge, no, minor)
3. The space beyond the Milky Way is immensely cold. (shinning star, collection of stars, planets, the sun)
4. We are more critical than our forefathers. (credulous, logical, illogical, superstitious)
5. Thrifty housewives preserved their home grown vegetables and fruits. (frugal, dirty, spendthrift, careless)
6. Superstitious people believe in the signs of good or bad luck. (broad-minded, credulous, modern, intelligent)
7. He asserted that God put those tonsils in his son's throat for some good purpose. (claimed, retorted, answered, narrated)
8. No body ought to be compelled to earn his entire was through college. (expelled, engaged, forced, taught)
9. It is always to the detriment of their health. (damage, advantage, need, improvement)
10. The voice it heralded sounded in my ears like a summons to damnation. (paradise, hell, pressure, fair)
11. Sometimes there were unexpected respites. (joys, breaks, gifts, dreams)
12. I could hardly believe that three strenuous school terms had rolled away. (pleasant, tiring, critical, long)
13. Many people are reluctant to throw anything that looks like a book. (ready, worried, willing, hesitant)
14. It is sometimes difficult to find a scaffold for books. (classes, gallows, proper place, hidden place)
15. I walked on with an air of rumination. (remuneration, meditation, diffidently, differently)
16. I began to indolently study diseases. (gladly, quickly, lazily, indifferently. 
17. Gout was in its most malignant stage. (mild, initial, virulent, obvious)
18. I crawled out as a decrepit wreck. (strong, brave, weak, coward)
19. When I go into a bank I get rattled. (confused, sad, happy, angry)
20. My voice was sepulchral. (soft, loud, gloomy, low)
21. The people in the bank had the impression that I was an invalid millionaire. (illiterate, disabled, poor, very rich)
22. Occidental countries launched a warm hug to China. (western, eastern, northern, southern)
23. There is a lack of femininity in the Chinese women. (beauty, shame, fashion, womanliness)
24. Mao says that it is the people, and not things, that are decisive. (important, unimportant, trifle, problem)
25. A tremendous population explosion is taking place. (rapid growth, decrease, control, planning)
26. Nine and a half million perished in a single famine. (drowned, deprived, tried, died)
27. Food could not be distributed to the isolated areas. (at hand, remote, prosperous, well - off)
28. Abd-al-Rahman was a youth of exceptional nerve and ability. (good, strong, little, extraordinary)
29. In North Africa, he bravely escaped assassination. (punishment, murder, prison, capture)
30. Abd-al-Rahman imported exotic plants to his garden. (native, beautiful, best, foreign)
31.The head master showed discernment in judging my general ability. (wisdom, illiteracy, rejection, mystery)
32. After much reflection I put a bracket round it. (shadow, echo, thinking, wait)
33. I continued in this unpretentious situation for nearly a year. (troublesome, tiring, cruel, simple)
34. Naturally I am biased in favour of boys learning English. (bad, cruel, partial, dull)
35. Large parts were almost uninhabited. (unpleasant, underdeveloped, unpopulated, uncultivated)
36. The driver was reluctant to take Christopher. (willing, hesitant, eager, drunk)
37. They went to a well to replenish their water-bags. (empty, wash, refill, draw)
38. The land of thirst and death was an area notorious for sandstorms. (famous, noble, defamed, well known)
39. Lister's aim was the prevention of disease. (growth, stopping, pruning, flourishing)
40. Injecting carbolic acid was abandoned soon. (given up, adopted, practiced, propagated)
41. He discovered the body's natural armour, the leukocytes.(attack, prevention, defense, killer)
42. Lysozyme was the forerunner of penicillin. (herald, killer, father, companion)
43. Pasteur's father had been one of Napoleon's conscripts. (friends, servants, soldiers, opponents)
44. Until 1849, the industry of silkworm had flourished consistently. (declined, died, prospered, decreased)
45. Providentially, Pasteur's mind was not injured. (clearly, consequently, immediately, fortunately)
46. Pasteur arrived at the method of attenuating germs. (cultivating, growing, killing, weakening)
47. At first the British High Commissioner demurred. (admired, objected, stopped, instructed)
48. Turks vowed that death was preferable to rule by Greeks. (declared, said, repeated, swore)
49. Mustafa Kamal abolished the old Turkish script. (promoted, changed, supported, put to and end)
50. Mustafa Kamal was the saviour of Turkey. (leader, ruler, deliverer, destroyer)