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Answer the following questions 
1. How did our earth come into being?
Ans. It came into being when the mountain on the surface of the sun broke.
2. Write a note on the beginning of life on the earth.
Ans. When the earth cooled down, life started in simple organisms.
3. Why is there no life on the stars?
Ans. It is because the stars are burning balls of fire.
4. How has the scientific method helped us in our fight against disease?
Ans. Scientific method has invented medicines that cure diseases. 
5. How was food preserved in the past?
Ans. It was preserved by canning, pickling or drying. 
6. What were the superstitious beliefs practiced by people in the past?
Ans. Those were fear of black cats, broken mirrors and the number 13. 
7. What is the common cause of failure of students?
Ans. It is parents' mistaken ambition for their children.
8. How is health another cause of the failure of students?
Ans. An unhealthy student usually has unhealthy mind so he fails.
9. Who are lazy bluffers?
Ans. They are the boastful boys who have not found any serious interest in life.
10. How did the writer feel on Friday night?
Ans. Friday night was the best night of the week for him as there lay two full holidays.
11. What were unexpected respites?
Ans. Those were out of routine holidays.
12. What were the things the writer longed for but could not have?
Ans. These were a tricycle, a bicycle, sweets and ice-cream.
13. Why should bad books be destroyed?
Ans. Destruction of them makes room for new books and sorting of books becomes easier.
14. Why is it difficult to destroy books?
Ans. We develop a feeling of possessing the purchased books and do not find a scaffold for them.
15. Why could not the author burn the unwanted books?
Ans. He had no kitchen range and he could not burn them leaf by leaf on gas cooker.
16. How did Jerome K. Jerome come to suspect that his liver was out of order?
Ans. He suspected it when he read the symptoms of ill-liver in a paten liver-pill circular. 
17. Why did the writer go to the British Museum?
Ans. He went there to read up the treatment of ailments of which he had a touch. 
18. What was the prescription given to the writer by the doctor?
Ans. It was to eat good diet, sleep well and avoid the things you don't understand. 
19. Why did the manager come to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal?
Ans. It was because Leacock wanted to see the manager alone.
20. Write at least two blunders committed by Leacock in the bank.
Ans. Firstly he entered into a safe and secondly wrote fifty six instead of six on the cheque.
21. After his mis-adventure in the bank, where did Leacock keep his money?
Ans. He kept cash in his trousers pocket and savings in a sock.
22. Why has the world changed its attitude towards China? 
Ans. It is because China has made great progress in all fields of life. 
23. What is decentralized economy? 
Ans. It means the development of the cities and the villages at the same level. 
24. Write a note on Chinese women. 
Ans. Chinese women are hard working and lack femininity. The do not use beauty products. 
25. What does famine mean? 
Ans. It means that a great number of people do not have enough food to eat. 
26. How do famines occur? 
Ans. The failure of crops due to disease and the lack of rain can cause famines. 
27. What is the major cause of increase in the population? 
Ans. It is that more people are born than those who die. 
28. What was Cardova called "The Jewel of the World"? 
Ans. It was called so because of beautiful buildings and centre of all cultural activities. 
29. What did the Abbasid Caliph say on receiving the head of his governor? 
Ans. He thanked God for having placed a sea between him and his enemy. 
30. Who was Al-Hakam? 
Ans. He was a scholar and Abd-al-Rahman's successor.

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