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Paragraph No. 7
     Pakistan armies are strong and stable like iron. They help people in every hour of need. They have completed many missions of UNO abroad. Our armies are honoured all over the world. The standard of their training and discipline is very high. Kakool Academy is one of the best training centres in the world. 
Paragraph No. 8
     These days Pakistan is entangled in many national and international problems. Our enemies are planning to harm us by day and night. We all know about it very well. The enemey of Muslim nation is very clever and canny. To get rid of all these difficulties, we need a sincere and honest leader who can save us from the state of chaos and anxiety. We need to learn a lesson from our glorious past.
Paragraph No. 9
     Good health is a great blessing. However, man does not value this blessing so long he is healthy. When even a minor disease attacks him, he realizes its value. If some part of body is in pain, the whold body feels its effect. If one is healthy, he enjoys eating, drinking, walking and working. If the health breaks down, one cannot find any pleasure in anything. The life of those people who often remain ill becomes a burden for them and their relations. On the one hand they suffer pain and on the other hand spend money on medicine and treatment. A sick man is a living corpse. 
Paragraph No. 10
     Cramming is a disease. It does not develop confidence among students. They do not learn self-dependency. When once someone gets addicted to it, then it is hard to get rid of it. It is the duty of teachers that they should develop confidence in students at an early stage and encourage those students who develop the ability to comment themselves. Such students grow into good writers. They do not follow others blindly.
Paragraph No. 11
     A teacher is the most important and useful member of the society. He provides guidance to those people who are to take over the duties of the country and nation after few years. In this way he makes strong the foundations of society for the time to come. So the need of hour is that the appointment of the teacher should be made with utmost care, and better opportunities should be provided to him.
Paragraph No. 12
     The most important demand in the present circumstances is to increase the production and decrease the prices. Common man is much worried economically. His income is less than his daily expenses. Due to less income, the prices of daily commodities should be less. This is only possible that there should be a tremendous increase in agricultural and industrial production and people work hard day and night.

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