(Paper Tips are only given in the Hard Copy)
1. Break the news
The doctor had to break the news to Ayesha about her husband's cancer.
2. Bury the hatchet
Let us bury the hatchet and be friends again.
3. Carry the day
Our team didn't play well at first, but we carried the day in the end.
4. Cut a sorry figure
She cut a sorry figure in the presence of her ugly husband.
5. Face the music
The politicians have to face the music.
6. Add fuel to the fire
Shouting at a crying child just adds fuel to the fire.
7. Beat about the bush
Do not beat about the bush and come to the point.
8. Catch at a straw
A drowning man catches at a straw.
9. End in smoke
All his efforts to start a new business ended in smoke.
10. Nip in the bud
Nip the evil in the bud.
11. A blue stocking
She is not well educated but she is a blue stocking.
12. A broken reed
Do not tell your secrets to him because he is a broken reed.
13. A rolling stone
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
14. A sugar daddy
The woman went on a nice winter holiday with her sugar daddy.
15. A wet blanket
Aslam is fun at parties but his brother is a wet blanket.
16. All and sundry
All and sundry went to see the village fair.
17. Bag and baggage
He has left Lahore bag and baggage.
18. First and foremost
First and foremost, we should take care of our health.
19. Flesh and blood
Flesh and blood cannot tolerate this act of cruelty.
20. Part and parcel
Hard work is a part and parcel of success.
21. A bad debt
He will not pay you back; it is a bad debt.
22. A maiden speech
His maiden speech in the Assembly was successful.
23. A narrow speech
Yesterday, he had a narrow escape from a serious accident.
24. French leave
He got tired with his job, so he took French leave.
25. Rainy day
We should lay by something for the rainy day.
26. At eleventh hour
The meeting was cancelled at the eleventh hour.
27. At stone's throw
My college is at a stone's throw from my house.
28. At daggers drawn
All the religious parties in Pakistan are at daggers drawn with one another.
29. For good
He is leaving this place for good.
30. ------------
I asked my teacher the meaning of -----------

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