Thursday, 9 May 2013


MCQ's - Correction
1. I bought two dozens eggs. (I bought two dozen eggs./I buy two dozen eggs./I bought dozens of eggs./I buy dozens of eggs.)
2. Cattles are eating grass. (Cattle is eating grass./Cattle are eat grass./Cattles is eating grass./Cattle are eating grass.)
3. He gave me advices. (He gave me much advices./He gave me many advices./He gave me much pieces of advices./He gave me many pieces of advice.
4. His hairs are grey. (His hair are grey./His hair were grey./His hair will be grey./His hair is grey.)
5. Politics are a dirty game. (Politic is a dirty game./Politics is a dirty game./Politic are dirty games./Politics are dirty games.)
6. Sheeps are grazing in the field. (Sheeps is grazing in the field./Sheeps grazing in the field./Sheep are grazing in the field./Sheep is grazing in the field.)
7. One should do his duty. (One should do her duty./One should do its duty./One should do one's duty./One should do my duty.)
8. He, you and I told the news. (I, he and you told the news./You, I and he told the news./He, I and you told the news./You, he and I told the news.)
9. I as well as you were wrong. (I as well as you had wrong./I as well as you was wrong./I and you was wrong./I as well as you were wrong.)
10. He said to me, "Are you kidding?" (He said to me I was kidding./He asked me if I was kidding./He asked me if I am kiddling./He tells me if I was kidding.)
11. Either you or I are wrong. (Either you or I is wrong./Either you or I am wrong./Either you or I was wrong./Either you or I have wrong.)
12. The murdered hanged yesterday. (The murderer hung yesterday./The murdered was hung yesterday./The murderer is hanged yesterday./The murdered was hanged yesterday.)
13. He knows swimming. (He know swimming./He knew swimming./He knows how to swim./He knows to swim.)
14. He is ill for a week. (He is ill from a week./He is ill since a week./He has been ill for a week./He has been ill from a week.)
15. It is raining since morning. (It was raining since morning./It has been raining since morning./It rained since morning./It will be raining since morning.)
16. Rich should help poor. (Rich should help poors./The rich should help the poor./Rich should help the poor./ The rich should help poor.)
17. Honesty is a best policy. (Honesty is the best policy./Honesty is best policy./The honesty is a best policy./The honesty is the best policy.)
18. The man is mortal. (Man is the mortal./The man is the mortal./Man is mortal./Man is a mortal.)
19. His pen is superior than mine. (His pen is superior than me./His pen is superior to you./His pen is superior to me./His pen is superior to mine.)
20. I called him as fool. (I called him a fool./I called him as a fool./I called him fool./I called him as for fool.)
21. This is a worth reading book. (This is a book worth reading./This is the book worth reading./This is the worth reading book./This is worth reading book.)
22. This is the last news. (This is the latest news./This is last news./This is the later news./These are the last news.)
23. I do not have some money. (I do not have many moeny./I do not have any money./I do not have a few money./I have no any money.)
24. This cloth is more inferior to that. (This cloth is inferior to that./This cloth is much inferior to that./This cloth is more inferior than that./This cloth is inferior than that.)
25. He behaves cowardly. (He behaves coward./He behaves in a cowardice manner./He behaves in a cowardly manner./He cowardly behaves.)
26. The faster you walk, better it is. (Faster you walk, better it is./Faster you walk, the better it is./The faster you walk, the better it is./The more fast you walk, the better it is)
27. The patient has been operated. (The patient had been operated./The patient have been operated./The patient has been operated upon./The patient has been operated with.)
28. She is good of English. (She is good at English./She is good in English./She is good with English./She is good on English.)
29. She congratulated me for my success. (She congratulated me to my success./She congratulated me on my success./She congratulated me over my success./She congratulated me upon my success.)
30. Although he is old, but he is strong. (Although he is old, he is strong./Although he is old he is strong./Although he is old yet he is strong./Although he is old but he is strong.)

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